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The Grinns Tale

The Grinns Tale is a free-to-play social RPG developed by Nexon in which the player leads a group of misfits up a mysterious tower to defeat ever more challenging waves of enemies. The player also builds a bustling base of operations over the course of the journey that allows the gang of misfit heroes to craft new exciting equipment and items to rise to these growing challenges.

I worked as a Development Intern at Nexon on The Grinns Tale during the summer and fall of 2012 and 2013. I worked primarily on gameplay systems design and content implementation, as well as some development of design tools.

I designed the following gameplay systems while working on The Grinns Tale:

  • Experience drop rates, level thresholds and matching enemy level to expected player level
  • Equipment itemization and progression
  • Equipment crafting recipes, costs and build times
  • Player character and enemy character statistics and abilities
  • IAP costs for crafting and item purchases
Featured Projects

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