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Super Senso

Super Senso

Ready, set, SENSO! Assemble a ragtag squad of armored tanks, cats, dinosaurs, tentacled aliens, giant mechs, zombies, and more in SUPER SENSO, a blazing fast turn-based action strategy game set to usher in a new era of mobile competition. When armies collide, will you be able to outsmart and obliterate your opponents?




  • “The Hearthstone of Turn-Based Strategy games…” – Polygon
  • “Embracing core gaming…” – CNBC
  • “Turn based mech battling with cats…” – TouchArcade
  • “Super Senso Brings High Speed Advance Wars Strategy Combat to Mobile Device.” – Siliconera



I worked as a Software Engineer on Super Senso through 2017 and 2018 during its initial soft launch period through full deployment live service. I started on Super Senso as client support, working on optimizations and stability fixes during live operation, but throughout 2018 I took over management of development of the project through 5 live updates, including major monetization and progression updates, game system and balance overhaul updates, and new content releases such as 3 new playable units. I worked to consistently improve app performance metrics over my time with Super Senso, and the changes I proposed and saw through to release were well regarded by the active player base.

Below is a sample of media showcasing updates I directly oversaw.


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