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Miralab is a 3rd person single player game about exploration and discovery, played through the unique perspective of turritopsis dohrnii, the immortal jellyfish. Experience life, death and rebirth through the various biological stages of development of this fascinating animal, all while inhabiting a dynamic, bustling underwater ecosystem. Play with time and memory to uncover secrets and solve puzzles embedded within this constantly evolving biological landscape. Gain a new perspective on life, death, and the passing of time as you experience mortality in a new way.

Miralab was developed in Unity for PC and Mac download and supports XBox360 controller integration. It features many unique systems, including robust creature AI, 3D camera and player swimming controls, dynamic zone stream loading systems, JSON serialization of spawn system data, dynamically scored audio using FMOD Studio integration, and many custom shaders, particle systems and rendering techniques.

As development director and technical director of Miralab, I managed a development team of over 30 graduate and undergraduate students from multiple schools including USC, Gnomon School of Visual Effects, LCAD and OTIS. My job functions included concept design, systems design, software architecture design and oversight, profiling and optimization, art and design tools and pipeline development and review, task breakdown and management, Git repository management, milestone planning, code review and development of primary AI scripts and framework.

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Featured Projects

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